Direct Download & Installation

The most recent version can be downloaded directly via github. The following link points to the github archive:

After downloading a simple make install should be sufficient to install captcp on your system.

cd captcp-master
su -c 'make install'

You can check installation success by calling Captcp:

captcp --version

Required Python Libraries

If the call to Captcp fails you probably have dependencies problems! Captcp is build on top of one required and three optional python libraries. These Python modules are available for all major Linux distribution through the system package system.

Name Module Type Package name
DPKT Packet Parser Core Mandatory python-dpkt (Debian)
GeoIP Python Bindings geoip Optional python-geoip (Debian)
Cairo Python Bindings Time Sequence Graph Optional python-cairo (Debian)
Numpy Sound Module Optional python-numpy (Debian)

Required Programs

In order to create Gnuplot graphs, generate PDF files, convert to PNG images some additional programs are required. These programs are standard applications and easy installable via aptitude, yum or the distribution specific installer.

  • gnuplot
  • make
  • epstopdf (convert use png as an immediate format and cannot be used, is located in texlive-utils (Fedora) package)
  • convert (required if you need PNG images instead of EPS/PDF)
  • gv (ghostview), xpdf, evince or any other PDF viewer. Xpdf looks lightweight - but under Debian the dependency list is long: cups, samba, ... (~70 MB dependencies). A lightweight alternative is mupdf!

Linux Distributions and Packages

Under Debian the following command should install all required dependencies:

aptitude install python-dpkt python-numpy make gnuplot texlive-latex-extra mupdf

Note that the Texlive distribution will require approx 600MB of free disk space. Python, make and Gnuplot need some more free space - in the end approx 700MB free disk space is required. But hey: it is always a good idea to install LaTeX! ;-)


No packages - but should work with some effort. At least I know some working installations. Please flattr this project, all earnings are spend to buy a MAC Pro and test Captcp extensive! ;-)