Module Overview


Captcp Modules Anatomy

The script functionality is splitted into submodules. Similar to git, perf and kvm-tool. The following list provides an overview over the currently supported list. If in doubt you can call captcp without any argument to get the full list.

  • stacktrace - Hook into Linux Kernel to trace cwnd, ssthresh, ...
  • show - Tcpdump/tshark like mode
  • spacing - Time between packets and acks
  • statistic - Show statistic about all connections
  • payloadtimeport - Show distribution of data over ports
  • timesequence - Plot a Time-Sequence graph
  • geoip - Show country/location information about peers
  • inflight - Visualize all packets in flight and not ACKed
  • sound - Play sound based on payload/ack packets
  • connection - Visualize all communicating peers
  • animation - Generate animation (javascript) of packet flow
  • throughput - Graph the throughput over time graph
  • template - Metamodule to generate template files for Gnuplot
  • sequencegraph - Graph a TCP sequencegraph (flow graph)