Features, Bugs and the like

You spotted a bug, have a new feature request or even have written a own Captcp module? Great! We love patches in any area: documentation, code or even on web-page. If you wrote an article/blog-post about Captcp (no matter what topic): great. Captcp is open-source and your idea will make Captcp even more usable to other users. This page points out how to contribute to Captcp.

Github, Pull Request and More

Captcp is version controlled by git using github's infrastructure for hosting. Extending Captcp is just one click away! Click the fork button and you can start hacking on Captcp.

If you are new to git there are a lot of tutorials how to use it. Take a look at The page includes documentation, tutorial and screencasts. You can send patches via Email, send git pull requests or open an issue on github.

Coding Guidlines

Captcp is written in Python, thus Captcp will follow PEP8:

  • Use 4 spaces per indentation level
  • Use spaces - no tabs
  • Maximum line length of 79 characters (consider this as a soft limit!)
  • ...